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Solidago Reed Trio

Visit us on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud! Click below to go to our website!

Click here to visit my Yamaha Performing Artist page on the Yamaha website! If you haven't checked out the great clarinets that Yamaha makes, you need to give them a try! I play the CSG II Hamilton model Bb and A clarinets. The response, tone, and intonation of Yamaha's clarinets are what makes them so wonderful! The quality of how Yamaha clarinets are made is incomparable! Wonderful instruments and technicians! 

Click here to see what Trifecta! is all about! Find us on Facebook ( or Instagram (Trifecta Ensemble)!

Morehead State University Clarinet Studio

D'Addario Artist

I'm a proud D'Addario Artist. I perform on the Reserve X0 mouthpiece and Classic Reserve reeds in strength 4. If you haven't tried the Reserve line of mouthpieces and reeds, you are missing out!

Click here to learn about the clarinet studio and MSU School of Creative Arts! We have a great studio and there are many opportunities for students to perform and learn at MSU! Contact me for a campus visit and complimentary lesson with your visit!

9th Annual MSU Clarinet Day

We had a blast at this event on March 7, 2020! Clarinetists enjoyed a special treat with the fantastic Dr. Elizabeth Crawford from Ball State University! I hope to bring the 10th MSU Clarinet Day to KY clarinetists in 2023!

Click here to learn more about what the ICA has to offer clarinet students! If you want to be on the cutting edge of all things clarinet, you should join the ICA!

Summer Arts Academy


Join Dr. Baruth at the 2022 MSU Summer Arts Academy this June 12-18! You can take lessons, play in a chamber ensemble, enjoy masterclasses on reeds, clarinet history, and more! Dr. Baruth also teaches a Eurhythmics class, so kick off your shoes and join in the fun of experiencing music through movement  and improvisation activities! Click here to learn more about registering for this life-changing summer music opportunity!

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